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You & I misbehaving!

5 February 1986
I change rapidly. This journal is a good documentation of that change.
60's, activism, agnostic front, and so on, aqua teen hunger force, art, audra, bif naked, biodome, bjork, bjorkdoll, blood brothers, blow pops, boredom, boxers, boyish boys, boys, bread, brian moloko, bright eyes, broken mirror, buffy the vampire slayer, but im a cheerleader, candy, carcoal, celexa, cheap stuff, chicks on speed, comme des garcons, compassion, computers, confusion, contrast, cookie thievery, cosmetology, creativity, dancer in the dark, david bowie, decay, defense mechanism, die emperor die, diesel, digital photography, electroclash, engine down, eyeliner, fiona apple, flesh, fuckers, fugazi, gene kelley, gia, glamour, god of fuck, golden boy, goldie, graffiti, graphics, greta garbo, grunge, gus gus, hardcore, hatch, homosexuality, hot hot heat, hurt, isobel, japan, johnen vasquez, johny cash, jolly rodger, kidney thieves, kmfdm, le tigre, licking, lil kim, livejournal, logic, lunargirl, making webpages, maraget cho, marilyn monroe, michigan, mindless self indulgence, minimalism, mirrors, mum, mùm, nothing came out, noé, nylon, paper, peaches, pencils, penis, photoshop, pissing people off, placebo, poem, poetry, pok-a-dots, politics, porn, portishead, posers, punk, radio, radiohead, rancid, ring of fire, rock, roxy, running around in circles, scary things, scooby doo, screeching, sdf-3, sex, shaggy hair, shoes, sidewalks, simpsons, skater boys, sluts, social divisions, stereolab, strange little girls, strangers, sun, sweaters, television, texture, the blood brothers, the distillers, the faint, the hates, the moldy peaches, thom yorke, thrift stores, tie, tori amos, tricky, twiggy, vespertine, vintage clothes, web design, weezer, whore, you